China Space Quarterly, 3rd edition

Quarterly comprehensive analysis of the  events in the Chinese commercial space sector, including satellite industry, technological developments, funding updates, and relevant M&A.



A quarterly update on key events in the Chinese commercial space sector. China’s space industry has grown rapidly over the past decade. While much of this growth has come from the state sector, an increasingly large commercial space industry has emerged since 2014, when the government relaxed investment restrictions for certain parts of the space industry.

This commercial sector now counts half a dozen launch companies with >US$100M funding raised and a couple dozen more that have yet to reach that threshold. The country is launching tens of commercial EO satellites per year, and planning a broadband mega-constellation that may rival those in the west. Much of these activities will remain under the purview of the state-owned enterprises, but many will be done by the commercial sector.

In Euroconsult’s China Space Quarterly Report, we conduct a deep-dive into the sector on a quarterly basis, providing KPIs related to launching, satellites manufactured, funding, and others, as well as strategic discussion and analysis around all major updates from the Chinese commercial space sector during the quarter, with our Q1 2021 Special Edition also including an update on H2 2020 (this due to our CSIR 2020 Annual Report published in Q2).

Key Features

Key Features

  • Timeline and analysis of major events in the Chinese commercial space sector during the previous quarter.
  • Updates on government policy, with Q1 to include 14th Five-Year Plan and related analysis.
  • KPIs on Chinese satellites manufactured & launched, rockets launched, funds raised by commercial companies, and quarterly financial performance of listed space companies.
  • Updates on conferences during the previous quarter, including a summary of major events and/or announcements.
  • Quarterly outlook for the Chinese technology sector, including involvement of major tech firms in the space industry
New in Current Edition

New in Current Edition

  • New format. Euroconsult’s China Space Quarterly Report has transitioned from an annual document to in-depth Quarterly Reports, with this providing more current, and more actionable information about the Chinese space sector.
  • The Quarterly Report includes a deep-dive analysis of reporting company financials for the first time, as well as a timeline of recent government space activities
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