Earth Observation Satellite Systems Market, 14th edition

A comprehensive EO upstream market analysis for EO satellite manufacturers and operators to understand what the current and future demand & supply in satellite systems are.


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  • The Earth Observation Satellite Systems provides a global assessment of the EO space systems market. It covers supply and demand for EO satellites launched and to be built and launched and focuses on the manufacturing and launch markets and their evolution over the next 10 years in comparison to the previous decade, regarding the commercial and government (civil and unclassified defense) satellites.
  • The report considers all factors that will drive/inhibit growth in demand for EO manufacturing and launch, including the following:
    • Satellite system applications and missions.
    • Satellite operators and users; the ecosystem evolution.
    • Government and private-sector investment to support development.
    • Technology changes affecting both platforms and payloads.
    • Implications for manufacturing and launch businesses.


Key Features

Key Features

Key features in Classic Content

  • Satellite Systems demand dynamics and forecasts for the next decade:
    • Over 6 world regions: North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Russia & CIS, Asia & Oceania.
    • Analyzed by satellite owner, prime manufacturer, launch providers
      • Crossing each time, when it is relevant by region, payload typology, mass category, etc.
    • Policies & Regulations overview for the main EO Policies and regulations and the EO upstream value chain.
    • Benchmarks of:
      • Satellite manufacturers
      • Payload performances and mass
    • Demand dynamics: Satellite in orbit and in demand
      • By Civil Government, Unclassified Defense and Commercial programs
    • Trends in:
      • The EO satellite platform technology
      • The EO satellite payload technology
    • Profiles of:
      • Manufacturers companies and organizations:
        • Main satellite manufacturers and benchmarks
        • Main payload manufacturers and benchmarks
      • A database of the satellite launched over the past decade and to be launched over the next decade.
        • The database includes all Earth Observation satellites: Optical multispectral, Hyperspectral, SAR, GhG, RF, GNSS-RO, and other meteor-ocean satellites.
        • The following fields are delivered:
          • Satellite name,
          • launch year,
          • Satellite status,
          • Operator name,
          • Operator region,
          • Launch mass,
          • Final orbit type,
          • Launcher,
          • Launch provider,
          • Launch provider region,
          • Prime name,
          • Prime region,
          • Total price category,
          • Generic Application
  • Key features of the Premium content:
    • All classic options
    • The EO Procurement index (A global map and its methodology)
    • Profiles of Government programs including 23 pages of analysis covering all the world.
    • The classic content satellite database is enhanced with the following fields:
        • Type of EO sensors,
        • Main mission’s GSD,
        • Range of manufacturing price,
        • Range of launch price,
        • Dual use typology,
        • Operator Status (Developing, Established, No industry).
New in Current Edition

New in Current Edition

  • A refined make or buy strategy positioning (vertical integration) for Satellite manufacturers broken down by sensor type:
    • MSI VNIR
    • HIS and other MSI MWIR/LWIR
    • SAR
    • ELINT/RF and GNSS-RO
  • The payload market
  • New profiles of satellite manufacturers
  • A refined payload benchmark including mass, resolution, swath, and type of sensors:
    • MSI Optical and best spatial resolution performances
    • HSI, SWIR other
    • SAR
  • More exhaustive profiles of Government programs (Premium)
  • Added information from the database with new columns (Premium)
  • Add-on content for Premium users. (see key features)
  • Access to the digital platform.
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Pricing of Earth Observation Satellite Systems Market, 14th edition
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In-depth analysis of the Earth Observation space systems market, including supply and demand for the commercial and government (civil and unclassified defence) EO (Optical incl. multispectral, hyperspectral, GhG; SAR; other meteo-ocean), GNSS-RO and ELINT/RF satellites.

Satellite database covering historical and forecast data for 2011-2030. Generic attributes include information on launch and manufacturing.


Single Team

€ 7 500

Unlimited users

€ 15 000

All classic options

Additional attributes for the satellite database including: 
-Type of EO sensor (Optical incl. multispectral, hyperspectral, GhG; SAR; other meteo-ocean), and GNSS-RO and ELINT/RF sensors
-Main mission GSD (for EO payloads)
-Manufacturing and launch price ranges
-Dual use typology

EO procurement index and profiles of government programs   

Dedicated presentation session by Euroconsult expert.

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