Earth Observation for Agriculture

Forecasts to 2029*
*Includes PDF reports and data in Excel.

An analysis of Earth Observation Utilization in Agriculture.
A market research co-developed by Euroconsult and TerraMetric.

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This report provides a forward-looking strategic outlook of the global trends, vertical integration opportunities and regional demand forecasted for Earth Observation based services and products addressing the agriculture sector.

Along with a comprehensive analysis of the agriculture supply chain stakeholders’ distribution, information needs and challenges, the report also zooms in on the key technologies and applications expected to drive agricultural market growth to reach over $815 Million by 2029.

Key Features

Key Features

Market demand drivers considered:

  • Earth observation satellites and services providers: applications and mission.
  • The agricultural supply chain – Earth observation data users and their needs.
  • The impact of global connectivity on addressable markets.
  • Benchmarking Earth observation – what can it bring to agriculture.
  • Regional market variations in requirements.
  • Upcoming Earth observation-based solutions and the agriculture market take-up potential.
  • Beyond Earth Observation: further technology advances and trends impacting the sector.

Strategic data analysis containing global trends, vertical and regional demand forecast for Earth observation solutions from 2019 to 2029:

  • Total data and services market revenue forecast to 2029.
  • The total agricultural and precision agriculture market forecast to 2029.
  • The addressable market to 2029 – the potential for Earth observation in precision agriculture.
  • Market structure, how the agricultural supply chain works.
  • Key drivers and evolutions.
  • Main application areas and opportunities for new applications.

Agriculture supply chains review, the role of:

  • Agricultural retailers.
  • Chemical and seed companies.
  • Farm management information systems.
  • Food companies.
  • Crop insurance.
  • Crop consultants and advisors.

Seven world regions analyzed.

About us

About us

About Euroconsult

The Euroconsult Group is a leading international consulting and research firm specialized in high technology industries, with expertise in the space industry, satellite-based applications, aero connectivity, information and data services.

Privately owned and fully independent, we have over thirty years of experience developing comprehensive research programs and working with private companies and government entities, providing end-to-end consulting services, from project strategy definition to implementation, bringing data-led perspectives on the most critical issues.

The Euroconsult Group is trusted by 600 clients in over 50 countries. The Group is headquartered in France, with offices in the U.S., Canada, Japan and Singapore.


About TerraMetric

TerraMetric’s executives have decades of combined experience in Earth observation for agriculture, including business development, strategy consulting, executive training, market assessment, opportunity analysis, R&D projects and software integration.

In the last decade alone, our team members have individually accounted for more than $100 million in aggregated programs, projects, and strategies.

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TerraMetric/Euroconsult Terms of Use

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