Prospects for the Small Satellite Market

2020 Edition Classic*
*Includes PDF report and data in Excel

A global supply and demand analysis of government and commercial satellites up to 500 kg.



Prospects for the Small Satellite Market provides an in-depth analysis of market drivers, supply and demand and provides information on seven different smallsat applications, six types of orbits and four mass categories with a major review of telecom mega-constellations. Space Logistics is discussed as a new application category featuring In-Orbit Servicing, In-Orbit Manufacturing, Last Mile Logistics, and Space Debris Removal. Also new to this year’s edition of the report is a comprehensive review of Chinese satellite constellations and operators, and a review of the Space Development Agency’s National Space Defense Architecture layers.

The research includes a database for both the past and future decades, with details on units, mass, and value. It provides a forecast for the next decade broken down by application, orbit, operator type, mass category, operator region, as well as integrator and launch provider, type of integrator, type of launcher and more.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Dedicated COVID-19 impact content & One-Web Chapter 11
  • Focus on vertical integration & market shares
  • Detailed analysis of smallsat demand (mass category, application, operator region & status)
  • Profiles of main commercial smallsat integrators
  • Past market shares by integrator & launcher (2010-2019)
  • Propulsion, rationale, challenges & case study.

FORECAST FOR THE NEXT DECADE BY: Application, Orbit, Operator type, Mass category, Region of operator, Integrator  & launch provider, Type of integrator, Type of launcher.

SMALLSAT MARKET DRIVERS: Industry trends, Constellation rational & challenges, Sustainability of demand, Policy, Technology, Financial aspects

New in this edition

New in this edition

New template with more visuals, infographics and content, facilitating the reading process

+ 30% more slides compared to 2019 edition, with new sections focusing on Military Constellations, China Constellations, Space Logistics, Mega-Constellations, and other topics

Dedicated content on the impact of COVID-19 and the OneWeb Chapter 11

Addition of the National Space Defense Architecture by the Space Development Agency

A comprehensive review of all Chinese constellations and operators

New satellite application featured in the report: Space Logistics, which features In-Orbit Servicing, Debris Removal, Last Mile Logistics and In-Orbit Manufacturing.

Reviewed and refined pricing model for both manufacturing and launch

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