Satellite-Based Earth Observation

2019 Edition Classic*
*Includes PDF report and data in Excel

A 360° view of the opportunities and issues related to the Earth observation sector. 



Satellite-Based Earth Observation, Market Prospects to 2028 provides an assessment of the current EO value chain, along with forecasts as to how this may evolve leading to 2027. Each aspect of the value chain is taken in turn from government and private investment down to value-added services, providing a full 360° view of the opportunities and issues related to the EO sector and how these trends will progress over the coming 10 years.

Key Features

Key Features

This report presents Euroconsult’s understanding of the various factors that will drive/inhibit growth in demand for EO satellites and solutions. All demand drivers have been considered, including:

    • The applications and mission of the EO satellites.
    • The users and procurers of EO satellites, data and services.
    • Government and private-sector investment to support development.
    • Implications for the manufacturing and launch-service business.
    • Regional and vertical market attitudes impacting/driving growth.
    • Further outside technology advances supporting the sector.
  • Strategic Outlook containing global trends, vertical and regional demand forecast for EO satellite-based data and value-added services from 2013 to 2028, including:
    • Data and services market forecast by 2028
    • Market structure
    • Key drivers and evolution
    • Segment requirements and main applications
    • A sample of contracts
  • Nine sectors
    • Defense
    • Infrastructure
    • Environment monitoring
    • Natural resources monitoring
    • Energy
    • Location-based services
    • Disaster management
    • Maritime
    • Finance
  • Eight world regions
    • North America
    • Europe
    • Rest of Asia
    • Latin America
    • Middle East
    • Southeast Asia and Oceania
    • Africa
    • Russia and CIS
  • Detailed profiles of 12 main leading and new commercial operators
  • Detailed description of the largest governmental Earth Observation programs
  • Evolution of data pricing depending on resolution, accuracy and time revisit
  • Overview of services consumption trends enabled by cloud computing services with new XaaS approaches but also AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning technologies.
  • Overview of the upstream EO satellite markets including satellite manufacturing and satellites to be launched forecasts by 2028
  • Impact analysis of new systems enabling or challenging EO satellite-based solutions: ground segment, UAV, HAPS, launchers and satellite subsystems.

Included as part of the research,

    • Extensive Excel database:
  • EO satellite database, with more than 800 data points, including satellites launched from 2008 to 2018 and anticipated satellites to be launched from 2019 to 2028.
  • Euroconsult EO data model: A complete estimates and forecasts of all vertical segments and regions from 2009 to 2028.
New in this edition

New in this edition

  • Forecast model has been refined to include some new verticals based on a bottom-up approach to Defense, Maritime and Disaster management verticals
  • A benchmarking analysis has been developed comparing main commercial operators in term of revenues, spectral capacity, investment raised and CAPEX
  • Ground segment implications has been detailed with a further description of the ground segment ecosystem in EO, global trends, cost implications and evolution of the number of antennas by size, frequency and region from 2013 to 2028
  • Analysis development of new service areas implication emerging based on deriving analytics from vast quantities of multisource data

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