Space Economy Report 2019 

2019 Edition Classic*
*Includes PDF report.

An outlook of the key trends in the global space market.




The Space Economy Report 2019 is designed as a customized executive presentation with multiple graphs and explanatory text drawn from previous reports and complemented by additional dedicated research on the commercial satellite business. It provides a snapshot of the commercial satellite value chain revenues in 2018 and a 15-year revolution including data from the past five years and projections for the next ten years. The report covers each segment of the value chain, from upstream to downstream.

Key Features

Key Features

Global Trends containing 2018 global snapshot and forecasts of the full satellite value chain

  • Consolidation of commercial satellite value chain revenues in 2018 and 15-year evolution (past 5 years and next 10 years);
  • Key Highlights factsheets with key metrics for each satellite segment.
  • Key Events from 2019 for each satellite segment.
  • Two time periods of reference: 2009-2018 for historical trends and 2019-2028 for forecasts
New in this edition

New in this edition

  • This year’s edition considers revenues from the growing ground segment market. In addition, dedicated efforts were put in providing key trends as well as 10-year forecasts for both global and commercial revenues

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