Market Intelligence Pricing

Licence type Description Price range*
Single User Licence

The product is licensed only for a team working together on a project at the same site in the same company.

€ 5.000 to 7.000

Corporate License

The product is licensed for use throughout the company. The information contained in the research files may be placed on the company Intranet for use of employees throughout the company, from multiple teams, at multiple sites.

€ 12.500 to 20.000
Additional Single User License
Available to be purchased along with the Single User License. An additional license is required for each supplementary team or site within the same company that need to use the research product.
€ 500 to 700
Premium License

For each product, premium features including additional database regular update, history, … will be available at additional cost to the single or enterprise license

€ 7500 to 20.000

* Price depends on the specific research product. Please review the Price List per product.

Euroconsult Corporate Research Subscriptions

A Single User License allows the customer to share the research, including the report and supporting files or databases with a single team working together on a project at the same site or location.

An Enterprise License allows you to share the research, including the report and all supporting files or databases, among all internal employees; the information contained in the research files may be placed on the company Intranet for the use of multiple teams at multiple office locations.

A corporate subscription allows you to choose the research products that interest you and the type of license you wish to obtain
for each title, either the Enterprise or Single User.

The benefits of a corporate research subscription include:

  • Substantial discount on total price
  • Flexible payment options (one or two instalments)
  • Support from the development team to address questions and discuss the content of the research/topics

Corporate subscriptions are tailored to our customers needs; they are fully flexible according to your specific requirements so
you can decide the number of products and the type of license that best suits your needs. Three sample subscription plans are presented below to illustrate the benefits.

Please contact us if you are interested in our corporate agreements.

Corporate Subscriptions pricing

Princing features

Pricing features
  • Product include
  • Licence type
  • 1 or 2 payment installments
  • Teleconference briefing
  • One-Day on site briefing*

Plan 1

€ 25,000
  • Selection of 5 reports
  • Single User

Plan 2

€ 45,000
  • Selection of 10 reports
  • 8 Single User / 2 Enterprise

Plan 3

€ 75,000
  • All Research portfolio
  • Enterprise

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