Space Economy Report, 9th edition

An outlook of the key trends in the global space market. 



Designed as a “best of” Euroconsult’s reports, the Space Economy Report gives a 360° view of the trends and issues across the vibrant space economy. From upstream to downstream, it provides snapshot of market dynamics, competition evolutions and key drivers for all key segments of the space economy and its applications. The Report is built around up-to-date KPIs and graphs to be used as a dashboard by government and industry stakeholders willing to get a concise and precise review of current and long term trends of the space economy.

Key Features

Key Features

  • The Space Economy Report is now on Euroconsult’s Digital Platform! from the platform, you can download the files to get a quick and easy high-level-view of the global space industry, broken down by upstream verticals (Manufacturing, Launch, Ground Segment)and downstream (Satellite Communications, Earth Observation, Satellite Navigation).
  • Data behind the graphs is available with the Premium version, allowing users to access and download the information presented.
  • Three main market segmentations are key for the report:
    • Type of Client: Commercial, Civil Government, Defense: government-run military organizations
    • Geographical Region: North America, Latin America, Europe, MEA, Russia & CIS, Asia & Oceania, Oceans.
    • Space Applications: Satcom, Earth Observation, Navigation, Security, Technology, Science & Exploration, Manned spaceflight, Space Logistics, Space tourism.
  • Deep dive into specific market segments of the industry through insights of key events of the previous year, revenues, industry trends, and strategic issues.
  • Two time periods of reference are considered: 2017-2021 for historical trends and 2022-2031 for forecasts.
New in Current Edition

New in Current Edition

  • Addition of satellite radio market, TVRO antenna market,
  • Revision of the Covid impact on Satellite navigation services
  • New infographics.

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Single team*

€ 5 000
Unlimited users
€ 12 500

Strategic outlook of the commercial & government satellite value chain. Space market revenues and data from the past five years and projections for the next ten years. 

Factsheets with Key highlights and key metrics for each of the five satellite segments


Single Team*

€ 7 500
Unlimited users
€ 15 000

All classic options

Access to detailed downloadable data sets for each segment. Data used for the graphs available for download.

All content online, with interactive analytics and graphs.

Dedicated presentation session by Euroconsult expert.

*The product is licensed only for a team working together on a project at the same site in the same company.
**The product is licensed for use throughout the company. The information contained in the report files may be placed on the company Intranet for use of employees throughout the company, from multiple teams, at multiple sites.

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