Prospects for Maritime Satellite Communications, 12th edition

Sector dynamics, analysis, and forecasts for the maritime Satcom market.

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Prospects for Maritime Satellite Communications report provides an in-depth analysis of the sector dynamics and trends for the maritime satcom market. The report also compares the market evolution in the last five years and provides forecasts for the next 10 years. Along with the qualitative market analysis, the report includes consolidated data from five major market segments including merchant shipping, passenger ships, leisure vessels, fishing, and offshore oil and gas.

Key Features

Strategic Outlook containing global trends and forecasts by region and technology

Overview and key metrics of the Maritime Connectivity systems and services with focus on:

  • The satellite technologies
  • The impact of NGSO constellations
  • The Smart ships and Autonomous vessels concepts

The value chain of the Maritime Connectivity ecosystem with analysis on:

  • VSAT service providers market shares ((network operator and retail level)
  • VSAT and MSS pricing trends
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Regulations

Detailed analysis of the five subsegments of the Maritime market:

  • Merchant shipping
  • Passenger
  • Leisure
  • Fishing
  • Offshore Oil & Gas

For each subsegment, analysis of:

  • Key metrics at Year-End
  • Addressable market
  • Main market trends
  • Growth drivers
  • Forecasts of a decade per region and technology (VSAT and MSS)

Two time periods of reference: 6 Years of historical trends and decade forecasts.

Excel database, with hundreds of data points, covering number of connected vessels per segment and per technology as well as service providers revenues and satellite operators revenues linked to satellite capacity allocated to Maritime Connectivity.

New in Current Edition

  • Enhanced granularity in the analysis and representation of VSAT-equipped vessels based on the use cases such as NGSO as a primary and secondary, and GEO as a primary and secondary.
  • Inclusion of Starlink’s impact on the market in 2023 and in the forecasted period.
  • Revised parameters such as addressable market, equipped vessels, and associated impact on capacity usage, operators’ revenues, and service revenues based on the publicly available latest information.
  • Updated overall NGSO scenario based on the data from 2023 and its impacts on the maritime satcom ecosystem such as VSAT adoption, capacity usage, capacity pricing, service ARPU, operators’ and service revenues.
  • Impact of new generation of VSAT services on MSS.
  • Revision of addressable market based on the publicly available sources.
  • Improved and elaborated company profiling of SpaceX focusing on its maritime business (Starlink maritime).
  • Updated equipment scenario including analysis of hybrid technology.

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In-depth analysis of the maritime satcom market dynamics, analysis and forecasts for the next decade in PDF format, including detailed analysis of five subsegments

Excel databases, covering the number of connected vessels per segment and per technology as well as service providers revenues and satellite operators’ revenues linked to satellite capacity allocated to Maritime Connectivity


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All classic options

Service Pricing dataset, covering more than 100 price plans of the main service providers of the market both in VSAT and MSS technologies

Pricing Plan detailed dataset such as technologies, frequency bands, monthly subscription fees and uplink/downlink speeds.

A comprehensive list of Starlink’s maritime vendors.

Dedicated presentation session by Euroconsult expert.

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