Software Defined Satellites

A comprehensive analysis of Software Defined Satcom Payloads.

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The report provides an in-depth analysis of software-defined satellites, also referred to as flexible satellites or “flexsats”. It examines platform and payload specifications, technology requirements, and reviews vendors’ offerings as well as customer fit and orders.

Software Defined Satellites explores market drivers, challenges, and opportunities for this emerging market, and offers forecasts for both GEO and NGSO segments based on operators’ profiles and contract statuses.

Key Features

This Market Insight report provides comprehensive information about software defined satellites, including:

  • Flexible Payload definitions, capabilities, and architecture.
  • Overview of GEO Software-Defined Satellite orders for the period 2020 to 2023.
  • Profiles of satellite manufacturers in this segment:  Airbus, Astranis, Boeing, MDA Space and Thales.
  • Analysis of key market drivers, challenges, and opportunities.
  • GEO comsat forecast – Software Defined Satellite vs. the rest of the market.
  • Breakdown of the GEO comsat forecast by operator type and contract status.
  • Excel Database presenting the addressability of GEO and NGSO forecasts and orders for the period 2018 -2033.

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