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All private financing and transactions operations in the space industry, extensively detailed, updated monthly.

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Euroconsult’s database for space industry financing, including funding operations (venture capital investments, debt operations, IPOs, SPACs mergers, public stock sales) and transactions (mergers and acquisitions). Based on publicly available information. Updated monthly to stay ahead of the space investments market.

Funding operations detailed database comprising publicly disclosed funding operations, including equity investments, debt operations, IPOs, SPAC mergers, and common stock sales.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) database comprising publicly disclosed mergers and acquisitions operations of private and publicly listed companies (excluding SPAC mergers operations) and company branches.

Key Features

Features extensive details about financing operations including:

  • Beneficiary of the operation
  • Beneficiary value chain segment (subsystem manufacturer, satellite integrator, satellite operator, services provider, etc.)
  • Beneficiary satellite application (satcom, earth observation, IoT, navigation, agnostic, etc.)
  • Investor
  • Type of investor
  • Amount of the operation (in local currency and US dollar)
  • Date of the operation
  • Country of the beneficiary and investor



Over 2500 operations and counting.

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