Satellites to be Built & Launched, 26th edition

A complete analysis and forecast of satellite manufacturing and launch services.

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Satellites to be Built & Launched is a must-read for the space industry players. This report is based on an in-depth analysis of satellite applications and missions, satellite operators and users, technology advances, and the impact of these factors on the manufacturing and launch industry. It includes a database of all satellites, regardless of mass, that was launched in the last decade, as well as satellites currently under construction, and launch forecast for the next decade. It also provides detailed status and maturity assessments of 500 commercial constellations of five satellites or more and discusses the business cases for the four mega-constellations and their differing vertical integration strategies.

Satellites to be built and launched forecast relies on a thorough satellite demand through an assessment of downstream markets, satellite operators’ strategy and maturity and new players or needs to arise in the future. As the long-term future of satellite demand does not result from the sum of the projects currently known (through satellite backlogs and launch planning), Euroconsult applies various discount factors to them depending on their credibility. Therefore, all constellation-related figures presented were derived from Euroconsult’s assumptions and do not necessarily reflect the views of operators.

Key Features

  • Strategic outlook, industry issues and trends
  • Comprehensive analysis of demand and supply distribution
  • A dozen of graphs highlighting the key figures
  • Global trends, forecasts and benchmarks by orbits, application, mass categories, type of customers and regions
  • Analysis of the demand through three KPIs: number of satellites, mass to be launched and market value (manufacturing and launch)
  • Detailed market drivers: M&A, new users’ requirements, GEO comsat orders, technical innovation, insurance
  • What to expect for 2024
  • Reality check Vs Previous years
  • Satellite supplier analysis
    • Strategic issues
    • Satellite manufacturing overview and trends
    • Financial and revenues of the manufacturing industry
    • Market share between suppliers
    • GEO comsat demand outlook
    • Constellation maturity and credibility assessment.
    • Satellite platform analysis
    • GEO and NGSO satellites orders backlog
    • Profiling of the 13 largest satellite manufacturers
    • Critical subsystems technologies (propulsion, HTS, inter-satellite link, flexible payload)
  • Launch supply analysis
    • Launch industry overview and trends
    • Financial and revenues of the launch industry
    • Market share between suppliers
    • GEO and NGSO launch orders backlog
    • Profiling of the 6 largest launch service providers
    • Falcon 9’s recovery and reuse case study
    • SpaceX’s vertical integration strategy and diversification case study
    • Impact of reusable launchers and business model of vertically integrated players like SpaceX and Starlink or Amazon and Kuiper
    • Launch rate of GTO launcher
    • Fill rate of commercial launchers
    • Supper heavy launcher analysis
  • Commercial, Government civil and defense satellite demand breakdown by:
    • Mass categories
    • Type of organizations
    • Operators’ region
    • Application
    • Orbit
    • Manufacturing and launch value analysis by region, type of customers, type of providers
    • Commercial constellation CAPEX analysis (launch vs manufacturing).

Two time periods of reference: 10 years of historical trends and 10 years forecasts.

Extensive satellite database, with thousands of data points, covering supply and demand of 10 years.

New in Current Edition

•  2023 Reality check
•  What to expect in 2024
•  Insurance focus
•  Satellite manufacturers’ marketshare and backlog
•  SmallGEO focus
•  Launch services providers’ marketshare and backlog
•  Launch supply scarcity analysis
•  SpaceX vertical integration scenario
•  Deep dive on NGSO project: Starlink, Kuiper and Oneweb
•  Deep dive U.S SDA and European secure connectivity constellations
•  Reviewed and refined pricing model for both manufacturing and launch, with a notable focus on inflation-driven cost and price increases caused by the pandemic, war in Ukraine, and supply chain issues.

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Single team*

€ 8 000
Unlimited users
€ 18 500

In-depth analysis of satellite applications and missions, satellite operators and users, technology trends in PDF format 

Excel databases, covering all satellites, regardless of mass, launched in the last decade, as well as satellites currently under construction, and launch forecast for the next decade

Detailed status and maturity assessments of 500 commercial constellations of five satellites or more and discusses of business cases of the four mega-constellations.


Single Team*

€ 10 000
Unlimited users
€ 21 000

All classic options

Extended database of all government and commercial satellites launched and to be launched (10-year backlog and forecast), featuring 30 columns with detailed breakdown: constellation, specific application, manufacturing and launch contract status, information about satellite operator, manufacturer and launch provider.

Quarterly update of the satellites launches and manufacturing contracts.


Software Defined Satellites

The report provides an in-depth analysis of software-defined satellites, also referred to as flexible satellites or “flexsats”. It examines platform and payload specifications, technology requirements, and reviews vendors’ offerings as well as customer fit and orders. Additionally, the report explores market drivers and challenges, offering forecasts for both GEO and NGSO segments based on operators’ profiles and contract statuses.

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Dedicated presentation session by Euroconsult expert.

Software Defined Satellites

Single team*

€ 3 000

A deep dive on software defined satcom payload also known as “flexsat”. This add-on provides a focus on payload specifications and technology requirements, up to date tracking of vendors’ offering and customers’ fit and orders. The add-on focus on market drivers and challenges and features a dedicated forecast in GEO and NGSO.

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*The product is licensed only for a team working together on a project at the same site in the same company. 
**The product is licensed for use throughout the company. The information contained in the report files may be placed on the company Intranet for use of employees throughout the company, from multiple teams, at multiple sites.

***Satellites to be Build and Launched can be purchased with the Premium content and/or with the Software Defined Satellites option.

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