FSS Operators: Benchmarks & Performance Review

2019 Edition Classic*
*Includes PDF report and data in Excel

An in-depth assessment of the key players at the heart of the satellite industry.



FSS Operators: Benchmarks & Performance Review is the only assessment of all active and pre-operational FSS operators. The report includes publicly listed and privately held companies, global, regional, and national operators. The result is a detailed profile of each company, providing exclusive data, expert review, and comprehensive analysis of both complex publicly available information and hard-to-obtain private information.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Introduction chapter containing an Executive Summary, operators benchmark and key industry highlights
  • Detailed profiles of 31 active FSS operators with more than one active satellite in orbit
  • Each profile includes:
    • Company overview with revenue (2018), revenue by type of capacity, number of GEO satellites by type of capacity, regular and HTS capacity demand by region and regular capacity demand by vertical market (i.e. video vs. voice and data)
    • Company performance including revenue between 2014 and 3Q 2019 when available, regular capacity and HTS fill rates (2014-2018) and revenue per transponder (2014-2018)
    • Commercial overview including top video orbital positions and a sample of telecom clients
    • Recent news and strategic positioning
    • Recent contract announcements (as recent as October 2019)
    • Satellite assets with a focus on regular capacity and HTS capacity supply (2014-2022) by frequency band and by region. Includes information on the average fleet age, the number of active satellites in orbit and the number of satellites under construction.
  • Section on emerging operators – 30 operators (with one active satellite or with plans to launch a first satellite)
  • Profiles of ½ page-1 page include information on:
    • Company overview
    • Company performance (for active operators)
    • Satellite assets including future planned satellites
    • Commercial overview (for active operators)
    • Recent news
  • Benchmark of key NGSO operators with information on:
    • Constellation size
    • Total capacity
    • Frequency band
    • Cost per satellite
    • Funding
    • Partnerships
    • Target markets
    • Other
  • Benchmark of vertically integrated operators
    • Revenue
    • Supply
    • Business strategy
    • Other
  • Extensive Excel database, with thousands of data points; provides KPIs for all active FSS operators including:
    • Supply by frequency band (regular and HTS)
    • Fill rates
    • Capacity usage by region (regular and HTS)
    • Video KPIs including number of channels by format and number of DTH platforms
    • Revenues by capacity type and by region (regular capacity only)
    • Regular supply data for all operational satellites and satellites under construction
    • HTS supply data for all operational satellites and satellites under construction
New in this edition

New in this edition

  • New profiles of emerging operators including A Nepal Telecommunications Authority, Astranis, GapSat, mu Space and Ovzon.
  • Section on vertically integrated operators including AT&T (DirecTV), EchoStar, Inmarsat, NBN and Viasat.
  • Larger focus on HTS KPIs including HTS capacity demand and HTS fill rates.

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