Satellite Connectivity and Video Market, 29th edition

The essential tool  for business planning and investment decisions in the satellite communication industry.



Satellite Connectivity and Video Markets is an essential tool for satellite communication players as operators, service providers, suppliers, manufacturers, launchers, and investors. The report provides an in-depth analysis of the conditions driving demand in the satellite communication market by segment. With both a qualitative and quantitative perspective, it breaks down demand by region, application, and system type. 

This satellite communication report includes historic numbers for capacity supply, capacity leased, capacity revenue, and the cost of capacity per unit as well as ten -year projections of these numbers in the future. 

Key Features

Key Features

  • Strategic issues and forecast containing market drivers, structural changes and consolidated forecasts of the FSS market. Forecasts are presented by region, system type (regular, GEO HTS, NGSO HTS) and service applications.
  • Application analysis and forecasts: detailed analysis of market trends and capacity forecasts of 6 satellite communication market segments:
    • Video distribution and contribution
    • Cellular Backhaul and Trunking
    • Enterprise networks
    • Mobility
    • Milsatcom
    • Consumer broadband
  • 13 world regions:
    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Western Europe
    • Central Eastern Europe
    • Russia/CIS
    • Middle East and North Africa
    • Sub Saharan Africa
    • South Asia
    • North East Asia
    • China area
    • South East Asia
    • Oceania
    • Oceans
  • Two time periods of reference: 2016-2021 for historical trends and 2021-2031 for forecasts.
  • Extensive Excel database, with thousands of data points.
New in this edition

New in this edition

    • FSS service revenues by application and region including 10-year forecasts
    • Post-pandemic context for the satcom industry including a focus on supply chain bottlenecks
    • More detailed assessment of structural drivers including consolidation trend, multi-orbit strategies, NGSO constellations including potential new entrants watchlist, focus on software-defined satellites, cost of user terminal equipment, satellite & 5G network integration
    • Focus on upside markets (cars and trains connectivity)
    • New focus on enterprise and cloud/data centers
    • Upside scenario for the consumer broadband market (subscribers and capacity demand) considering lower service prices and regulatory approval
    • Satellite use cases for 5G
    • Updated market intelligence on the capacity pricing environment for regular, and GEO HTS and NGSO capacity and the impact on capacity ARPU
    • Additional infographics to highlight current state and projected changes in the capacity and revenue forecasts
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In-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis of the conditions driving demand by market segment in PDF format, including breaks down by region, application, and system type
Excel databases, covering capacity supply, capacity leased, capacity revenue, and the cost of capacity per unit in the last decade, and forecast for the next decade


Single Team*
€ 9 000

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All classic options

Quarterly updates of satellite supply capacity by region and system type (GEO regular, GEO HTS, NGSO, HTS)

Detailed view on TV channel forecast for DTH and Non-DTH (10-year forecast):
        o Number of TV channels by DTH platform and orbital position
        o DTH channels forecast split by format and compression
        o Non-DTH channels forecast split by format and compression

Enhanced granularity of VSAT terminal forecast by service application

Extended capacity pricing forecast broken down by application (8) and region (13)

FSS service revenues by application and region including 10-year forecast 

FSS Operators ranking by revenues

Market share of capacity leases by operator (2014-2021)

Dedicated presentation session by Euroconsult experts

*The product is licensed only for a team working together on a project at the same site in the same company.
**The product is licensed for use throughout the company. The information contained in the report files may be placed on the company Intranet for use of employees throughout the company, from multiple teams, at multiple sites.

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