Space Logistics Markets, 3rd edition

A complete analysis and forecast of space logistic value chain and market

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A comprehensive analysis of the emerging space logistics markets, including Access to Space solutions and a launch rate forecast, satellite Last Mile Delivery, satellite servicing and Life Extension Solutions, Active Debris Removal, In-Orbit Manufacturing, and Space Situational Awareness.

The report maps out current solutions and those coming to the market, delves into the trends shaping the market, and forecasts demand and revenue for the next decade.

For its 3rd Edition, the Space Logistics Market report offers a special focus on Space Situational Awareness markets, reflecting the space sector’s fast-growing interest for sustainability and flexibility in a complexifying space environment.

Premium subscription opens on Launchers Database, which lists all launchers globally, current and upcoming, and provides multiple technical and economic attributes (including capacity to different orbits, level of maturity, launch price, reusability features, etc.).

Key Features

Strategic issues and market context

  • Description of space logistics activities and consolidated market brief
  • Space logistics in the satellite value chain
  • Mapping of space logistics suppliers
  • Maturity of key capabilities
  • Mapping of the space logistics ecosystem
  • Regulatory framework and context
  • Government support
  • Government grants
  • Private investments in space logistics
  • Space debris context


Space Situational Awareness

  • Key takeaways and market brief
  • SSA market overview
  • SSA services cataloguing
  • SSA technology and sensors benchmark
  • Global ground sensors mapping
  • Government SSA capabilities (USA, EU, France, UK, Germany, India, Russia, China)
  • Government buying entities (USA, EU, France, UK, Germany, India)
  • Detailed SSA commercial providers profiles
  • SSA providers capabilities benchmark
  • Suppliers positioning on the SSA value chain
  • Suppliers services catalogue
  • Market fit and comparison to alternatives.
  • Market drivers and inhibitors
  • Three revenue scenarios for SSA services over 10 Years (with forecast methodology)


Access to Space (ATS)

  • Key takeaways and market brief
  • Dynamics of the access to space services as enablers of the broader space logistics ecosystem
  • An analysis of the past performances, in number of launches and mass launched, and of the key market drivers for 5 launcher capacity categories.
  • Overview of the technical maturity of upcoming launchers
  • Insights into the potential of super heavy launchers for space logistics activities
  • Analysis of launcher Historical fill rates
  • Launch prices catalog and launch price evolution.
  • Reusability and launch price.
  • Estimation of the demand elasticity to launch price variations.
  • Analysis of the satellite aggregation business model and satellite aggregators
  • Launch rates demand forecast over 10 years (in number of launches and mass launched per capacity category) over three scenarios taking place in diverging contextual settings and confronted to a maximum supply cap determined by launch providers’ ability to ramp up operations through the decade.


Last Mile Delivery (LMD)

  • Key takeaways and market brief
  • Market and LMD solutions overview
  • Comparison to alternative mobility solutions
  • Past LMD providers performances
  • Overview of the technical maturity of upcoming OTVs
  • Selection of LMD providers profiles
  • Market drivers and inhibitors
  • Pricing strategy analysis
  • Three revenue scenarios for LMD services over 10 years (with forecast methodology)


Satellite Life Extension Services (LES)

  • Key takeaways and market brief
  • Market and LES solutions overview
  • Comparison to alternative fleet management options
  • Main LES use cases
  • The growing interest of defense operators for refueling
  • Technical inhibitors and standardization efforts
  • Market drivers and inhibitors
  • Selection of LES providers profiles
  • Market trends of GEO comsats
  • Fleet typology of GEO comsats
  • Benchmark of HTS cost-base capacity
  • LES demand typology
  • Three revenue scenarios for LES services over 10 years (with forecast methodology)


Active Debris Removal (ADR)

  • Key takeaways and market brief
  • Market and ADR solutions overview
  • Market fit and comparison to alternative end-of-life options.
  • Regulatory framework conditioning ADR activities
  • Selection of LES providers profiles
  • Market drivers and inhibitors
  • Three revenue scenarios for ADR services over 10 years (with forecast methodology)


In-Space Manufacturing (ISM)

  • Key takeaways and market brief
  • Market and ISM solutions overview
  • Main ISM use cases.
  • Market fit and comparison to alternatives.
  • Market drivers and inhibitors
  • Selection of ISM providers profiles

Three forecast scenarios for revenues are presented including a preferred baseline forecast and two alternative trajectories, one optimistic and the other conservative, providing additional flexibility to the reader amid these emerging markets’ uncertainty.

Premium Content now includes the Euroconsult Launcher’s Database comprising over 450 launchers globally, whether existing, upcoming or proposed. It provides multiple attributed for each launcher, including:

  • Name of the launcher
  • Family of the launcher
  • Manufacturer and operator
  • Nationality
  • Launcher capacity category
  • Payload capacity to LEO, GTO and GEO
  • Date of first launch (effective or expected)
  • Status of engine testing
  • Type of reusability if any
  • Launch base for the existing or most advanced launchers

The database is filled with datapoints collected during hundreds of hours of research in open sources and interviews with launch providers. Nevertheless, due to its scale, to varying levels of launcher maturity and to the unavailability of information for many projects, all launcher entries cannot be filled exhaustively for all the features listed above.

New in Current Edition

  • Inclusion of the latest developments and new market signals which have emerged in the past year in the young and fast-moving verticals of space logistics.
  • Refined and enhanced market forecasts and revenues as a result from extensive new interviews and industry interactions.
  • Space Situational Awareness chapter has been significantly upgraded based on a wide consultation with established and emerging commercial SSA providers along with customers, including government (especially defense), and commercial buyers. It includes a detailed segmentation and description of the different SSA service types, a need analysis for different categories of buyers, a description of the procurement programs and future strategies of the main government buyers, a revenue forecast by category of buyer (defense, government civil, commercial), detailed profiles commercial providers, and many more (see key report features). While last year this chapter was exclusive to Premium subscriptions, it is now at the heart of the Classic baseline subscription.
  • Refinement of the Satellite Life Extension and Servicing forecast, updating our hypothesis on future satellite refueling services, based on growing demand signals from defense operators.
  • Extended analysis of the Last Mile Delivery market with the introduction of new OTV projects, and investigated new launch solutions coming to the market, with a special focus on latest developments of SpaceX’s Starship.
  • The Premium subscription includes access to the Launchers database.

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A comprehensive analysis of Space Logistics Markets, including Access to Space Solutions, satellite Last Mile Delivery, Satellite Life Extension Services, Active Debris Removal, In-Orbit Manufacturing and a special focus on Space Situational Awareness in this Edition. Contained in a 210-page PDF report.

Consolidated database covering demand forecast up to 10 years by year and by market segment in excel format.


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Novaspace’s launcher database, comprising over 450 launchers globally, existing, upcoming, or proposed. Key attributes provided include launcher name, family type, manufacturer, operator, capacity category, payload capacity orbit, initial launch date, engine test status, reusability, etc.

Dedicated presentation session by Novaspace expert.

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