Space Logistics Markets, 2nd edition

A complete analysis and forecast of space logistic value chain and market.

The focus on Space Situational Awareness market is available to be purchased as a standalone product.



A comprehensive analysis of the emerging space logistics markets, including last-mile logistics, in-orbit servicing, active debris removal, in-orbit manufacturing, and space situational awareness. The report maps out present solutions and those coming to the market, delves into the trends shaping these ecosystems and forecasts demand for the next decade.

Space logistics markets are very diverse, each addressing specific needs with different technologies and showing different levels of solution readiness and demand maturity. While last mile logistics aim at increasing orbital versatility (including for cost-sensitive users), the purpose of in-orbit servicing is to increase lifetime to maximize return on investments and space situational awareness aims at making operations more resilient in a densifying orbital environment. In general, space logistics strive to maximize capex efficiency while increasing operations flexibility and in-orbit transportation capacity while promoting cost-efficiency.

In the long run, an advanced comprehensive space logistic ecosystem could materialize, adding new capabilities such as maintenance, refueling, orbital towing with reusable transfer vehicles or in-space manufacturing and assembly. This would unlock new manufacturing and operations paradigms, changing the way assets are used in space.

The premium edition of the report will include a chapter dedicated to Space Situational Awareness and Space Traffic Management. It will include a detailed analysis of the player supply landscape and, map out the orbital environment and provide a demand forecast.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Strategic Outlook industry issues and trends
  • Comprehensive analysis of demand and supply distribution
  • Mapping and maturity of each of the application
  • Private investment breakdown
  • Governance and regulatory issues
  • Private sector coordination effort
  • Dozens of graphs highlighting the key figures
  • Global trends, forecasts for each of the space logistics markets
  • Detailed market drivers
  • Access to space
    • Strategic issues
    • Upcoming launch bottleneck
    • Launch rate performance and forecast
    • Reusability case study
    • Launch supply breakdown
    • Monitoring of most mature launchers in development
    • Launch fill rate analysis
    • Launch brokering market
    • Launch demand elasticity
  • Last mile logistic
    • Market overview
    • LML vs alternatives
    • Market drivers and inhibitors
    • LML services providers
    • Past demand for LML
    • LML demand forecast (constellations and single satellite)
  • Life extension services in GEO
    • Market fit and alternatives
    • Market drivers and inhibitors
    • Technical inhibitors
    • LES supply analysis
    • Profile of main vendors
    • Benchmark of other upcoming LES solutions
    • GEO comsat market trends
    • GEO comsat operators fleet typology
    • Average revenue per transponder
    • Average HTS APRU per operator
    • Benchmark of HTS cost base capacity
    • LES demand typology
    • Cases study of LES for business extension
    • Addressable market
    • EOL market estimates
    • Addressability for U.S, European and Chinese vendors
  • Active debris removal
    • Market summary
    • Market drivers and inhibitors
    • Profile of main vendors
    • Benchmark of other UPCOMING ADR Providers
    • ADR LEO demand typology
    • Regulatory and governance challenges for adr
  • Space situational awareness (Premium edition only)
    • Definition and context
    • Market summary
    • Forecast scenario
    • Market drivers and inhibitors
    • SSA supply: US government, U.S commercial players, Russia, China, Europe SST, France, UK Germany,
    • SSA technologies
    • SSA demand by client and orbits
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Pricing of Prospects for Space Logistics Market, 2nd edition
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Single Team*

€ 6 000

Unlimited users

€ 13 500

A comprehensive analysis of the emerging space logistics markets including launch, last-mile delivery, satellite life-extension, active debris removal, and in-orbit manufacturing.

A consolidated database covering demand forecast up to 2032 by year and by market segment.


Single Team*

€ 8 500

Unlimited users

€ 16 000

All classic options

Option 1: 

A detailed database of available or upcoming space logistics solutions and of past missions up to 2022.

Option 2 – Space Situational Awareness:

A focus on the Space Situational Awareness market, including a detailed analysis of the supply landscape and a demand forecast up to 2032.

A dedicated presentation session by Euroconsult experts.

Focus on Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Only

Single Team*

€ 3000

A focus on the Space Situational Awareness market, including a detailed analysis of the supply landscape and a demand forecast.

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