Space Industry

Market Intelligence Reports

Satellites to be Built & Launched, 26th edition

A complete analysis and forecast of satellite manufacturing and launch services.


Space Economy Report, 10th edition

An outlook of the key trends in the global space market. 


Prospects for the Small Satellite Market, 9th edition

A global supply and demand analysis of government, commercial and academic satellites up to 500 kg.

data behind the graphs - new product

Data Behind the Graphs

The data behind the graphs feature allows you to choose a “super user” within your organization who will have access to all the data used to build each graph of a selected report.


Ground Segment Market Prospects, 4th edition

The essential tool for business planning and investment decisions in the ground segment industry with a forecast for the next decade.


Space Logistics Markets, 3rd edition

A complete analysis and forecast of space logistic value chain and market


Space Market Monitoring

Space Market Monitoring is a dashboard report for space industry stakeholders and observers, providing near-real time business indicators about the space sector. It displays 50 Key Performance Indicators and key news summaries which are continuously collected, updated, and analyzed in an executive-level style, providing dynamic and comprehensive insights into the industry.


Market Insights

Financing & Transactions Database

All private financing and transactions operations in the space industry, extensively detailed, updated monthly.


Space Situational Awareness

A focus on the Space Situational Awareness market, including a detailed analysis of the supply landscape and a demand forecast up to 10 years.


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