Government Space Programs, 22nd edition

An extensive view of the activities and budgets of government space programs.

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Government Space Programs is a comprehensive assessment covering 90 countries and organizations investing today or tomorrow in space, with detailed analysis of their national programs and space budgets. Euroconsult utilizes multiple sources to collect the data, including government space programs and budgets from agencies’ primary information, public sources, and estimates. This information is harmonized and processed to form a coherent set of data.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Each country has an in-depth profile, which includes:
    • Country factsheet: high-level key figures on that country’s space program, including top 3 applications, high-profile space missions, total space budget, world ranking, space spending per capita, 5-year CAGR, etc.
    • Analysis of government space strategy and space policy documents, including key stakeholders
    • Assessment of government budgets, split by application, civil/defense, and 10-year historical data and 10-year forecast
    • Breakdown and analysis of government space program by application (satcom, satnav, EO, exploration, etc.)
    • Roadmap of all satellites and space missions launched by that country (10-year historical and 10-year forecast).

    Government Space Programs is on Euroconsult’s Digital Platform, which allows you to either download the full report (PDF and Excel budgets) or to browse the report online to jump to a specific region or country quickly and easily, or to customize and visualize specific datasets focusing on the most relevant information for you.

    Strategic Outlook containing global trends, forecasts and benchmarks globally, by region and by application

    Detailed profiles of 90 space programs, covering all countries and organizations (EU, ESA, ESO and EUMETSAT) currently investing in space

    Factsheets with high-level takeaways and key metrics from each space program, including:

    • Total space budget in 2022, including five-year Cumulative Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)
    • Top three applications, including 2022 budget and five-year CAGR per application
    • Space spending per capita and as a % of GDP
    • Select high-profile missions and satellites launched

    Civil & defense organizations, assessed together and separately.

    Six world regions: North America, South America, Europe, Russia/CIS, Middle East & Africa, Asia

    Two time periods of reference: 2012-2022 for historical trends and 2023-2031 for forecasts

    Extensive Excel budget database, with thousands of data points, covering annual space budgets from 1990 to 2031.

    Government space documents, from space policies, strategies, budgets, and legislation available and easily accessed directly from the country page on the Digital Platform.

New in Current Edition

New in Current Edition

  • New countries and organizations have been included: Malta, Latvia and European Southern Observatory
  • New data availability score to provide information regarding the public availability of government space budgets
  • New benchmarking method that adjusts each country’s budget considering the purchasing power parity (PPP)



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Analysis of 90 national government space programs and budgets in PDF format, including strategic priorities, space policy analysis, space program description by application, and 10-year space mission roadmap. 

Excel database including historical data and forecasts of consolidated space budgets split by space application and geographical region


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All classic options

Individual online country profiles and budget data updated quarterly

Online interactive analytics and graphs

Access to last 5 editions of the report (PDF format) 

Dedicated presentation session by Euroconsult expert.

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