Earth Observation Satellite Systems

An overview of the satellite and payload development of the entire ecosystem related to the Earth Observation manufacturing and launch market.

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The Earth Observation Satellite Systems report provides a global assessment of the EO space systems market. It covers supply and demand for EO satellites built and launched in the past and next decades. The report focuses on the manufacturing and launch markets and their evolution over the next 10 years in comparison to the previous decade, for commercial, and civil government and unclassified defense satellites.

The database includes satellites launched and to be launched by 2033 with details on the operator, the manufacturer and key characterization such as mass, mission and sensor type, resolution, etc.

Key Features

The report covers the global EO satellite demand dynamics and forecasts over the next decade in comparison to the previous decade (in number of satellites and in market value):

  • Satellite manufacturing market, with a distinction made by:
    • Satellite owner
      • Civil government, unclassified defense, commercial programs
      • Constellation, non-constellation projects
      • 6 world regions: North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Russia & Central Asia, Asia & Oceania
    • Prime manufacturer
    • Mass category
    • EO mission and main payload resolution:
      • Electro Optical: Multispectral (MSI)
      • Electro Optical: Hyperspectral (HSI) and GHG monitoring
      • Meteocean – GNSS-RO
      • Meteocean – other (microwave sounders, altimeters, scatterometers, GNSS-Reflectometry…)
      • SAR (X-, C-, S-, L-, P- bands)
      • ELINT/RF
  • Satellite launch market, with a distinction made by:
    • Launch provider
    • Type of orbits (LEO vs. GEO)
    • 6 world regions: North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Russia & Central Asia, Asia & Oceania
  • Mapping of EO and meteo budget of civil government and defense programs in the world.
  • Ecosystem overview:
    • Analysis of partnerships and make or buy strategies of selected commercial operators, by sensor (MSI-VNIR, HSI, MSI-TIR, GHG, SAR, ELINT/RF, Meteocean).
    • Regional presence of key satellite manufacturers
    • Regional presence of key payload suppliers
    • Benchmark of payload supplies:
      • Optical spatial resolution-oriented (PAN/VNIR) payloads
      • Optical spectral-oriented (HSI, SWIR and others) payloads
      • SAR payloads


A database of all the Earth Observation satellites launched over the past decade and to be launched over the next decade, including all types of mission (Multispectral, Hyperspectral, SAR, GHG, ELINT/RF, GNSS-RO, and other Meteocean satellites). Some of the Database fields include:

  • Satellite name
  • Launch year
  • Operator (with country and region)
  • Launch mass range (kg)
  • Final orbit
  • Launch provider (with country)
  • Prime manufacturer (with country and region)
  • Price range (launch, manufacturing and total)
  • Dual use typology
  • Main mission type (with min resolution category)
  • MSI sensor (with band type and min resolution category)
  • HSI sensor (with band type and min resolution category)
  • SAR sensor (with band type and min resolution category)
  • Lidar sensor, AIS sensor, GNSS-RO sensor, GNSS-R sensor, ADS-B sensor, IoT/M2M sensor, Other sensor

New in Current Edition

  • A review of all identified EO satellite projects, following the assessment of constellation projects.
  • Reviewed forecasts based on latest announcements on budgets, defense programs (in particular U.S. NRO’s Starshield, Chinese PLA’s Chutian Yaogan), civil programs, business opportunities and challenges for commercial operators worldwide.

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