FSS Capacity Pricing Trends, 6th edition

An assessment of the current dynamics for the pricing of satellite capacity. 

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FSS Capacity Pricing Trends provides an assessment of current dynamics for the pricing of satellite capacity, in a context of sustained technology innovation and additional satellite capacity associated with new generation satellites. The report includes coverage of nine regional markets, together with a specific review of the mobility and government vertical markets.

This publication presents an analysis of how pricing parameters have evolved over the past 12 to 18 months and documents average and specific pricing data points. The report also reviews the evolving cost of building and launching FSS, HTS and NGSO satellites.

Key Features

  • The analysis leverages an expansive database of >2,000 capacity pricing contracts and quotes;
  • Nearly 200 new price points added from a mix of desk research and more than 20 interviews conducted over the past 12 months.
  • Detailed analysis of the evolution of the cost base of capacity supply including satellite benchmarks, several case studies, and an assessment of regional trends/projections.
  • Updated analysis of pricing ranges and reference levels across bands, applications and infrastructure types across 9 major regions;
  • New – reference price projections for the next two years.
  • List of a sample of major capacity contracts from the past 18 months.
  • Industry and operator benchmarks of average revenue per unit of leased capacity.
  • Analysis of NGSO broadband constellation pricing levels and associated business case sensitivities.
  • Industry and operator benchmarks of average revenue per unit of leased capacity.
  • Analysis of DTH broadcast market pricing evolutions.
  • Review of mil-satcom market pricing (including commercial and government frequencies).
  • Premium feature: updated database with detailed pricing and features of >1,000 satellite broadband service plans covering the consumer, business, and Wi-Fi hotspot segments.

New in Current Edition

  • Granular forecasts of reference pricing levels across frequency bands, applications, and regions for next two years (ex. in prior editions, we only gave a qualitative outlook for how pricing would evolve over the upcoming 24 months)
  • Detailed analysis of Starlink’s service offerings and its potential impacts on the pricing landscape for wholesale capacity leasing and end-user services.

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In-depth analysis of current and expected dynamics for satellite (FSS) capacity , including coverage of nine distinct regional markets for fixed data and video applications, together with global views on mobility and milsatcom markets.

Excel databases providing summarized capacity pricing ranges and reference rates for each region across applications and frequency bands.


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€ 8 500
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All classic options

Historical pricing data from 3 last report editions: Reference (spot) pricing and ranges (high vs. low) by band, application and region.

Pricing plan detailed for consumer and enterprise satellite broadband services for all regions: Advertised monthly pricing, data allowances (GB/month), speed tiers (Mbps) and value-added features (ex. free off-peak hour data allowances), etc.

Dedicated presentation session by Euroconsult expert.

*The product is licensed only for a team working together on a project at the same site in the same company.
**The product is licensed for use throughout the company. The information contained in the report files may be placed on the company Intranet for use of employees throughout the company, from multiple teams, at multiple sites.

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