Ground Segment Market Prospects, 4th edition

The essential tool for business planning and investment decisions in the ground segment industry with a forecast for the next decade.

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The Ground Segment Market Prospects covers the different application chains in the commercial and government ground segment, including Satcom applications, EO applications and user terminals for Satcom applications. For each of them, the report includes:

  • Identification of a technology/product roadmap to qualify expected changes.
  • Identification of external factors that will apply to the ground segment.
  • Review of key stakeholders, including established and start-up companies.
  • Quantification of the market (units, value) and forecast.

The report reviews historical data from the past 5 years, current data, and forecasts for the next 10-years of ground station units and user terminal inventory, such as the number of sold units and revenues generated by newly built units and equipment retrofit. In particular, the report provides granularity on the market revenues and number of new assets for:

  • Antennas (gateways and TT&C)
  • RF equipment.
  • Baseband equipment.

On the ground site side, it considers commercial teleports providing support to Satcom and EO applications/services, serving their own needs or third parties, out of Satellite Operation Centers (SOC) and Network Operation Centers (NOC).

Key Features

  • A strategic Outlook containing global trends and dynamics, a benchmark of industry players, an overview of satellite communication elements, main opportunities, and threats for the overall ground segment market.
  • An analysis of key demand drivers for both Earth Observation and Satcom segments, including:
    • An overview of the trends in the segment and estimated
    • A description of the type of ground segment users
    • An overview of the operational satellites by frequency band, by type of orbit, and by type of payload
    • Case studies of the ground station network of selected operators.
  • Key technology trends on ground stations and user terminals for Earth Observation and Satcom applications
  • A focus on the NGSO constellations status and their related terminal deployment roadmap
  • Quantifications and forecasts by application of:
    • Ground sites
    • Operational ground station units and user terminals
    • Sold ground station units and user terminals
    • Market revenue
  • Forecasts are presented with the following breakdown:
    • By size of the antenna
    • By frequency band
    • By region
    • By type of equipment (antenna, RF equipment, and baseband equipment)
    • By vertical market for Satcom
  • Commercial Data & Services, Broadcast, and Governmental markets for ground stations
  • Enterprise network, Video contribution (SNG), Consumer broadband, Trunking & backhaul, Maritime and Aero for commercial user terminals in addition to the Governmental market.

New in Current Edition

  • Deeper analysis within the section Ground Segment as a Service, especially considering the rationale behind GSaaS, the key drivers, the new addressable satellite forecast and the trend in service prices.
  • For Satcom ground stations, we have introduced IRIS2 in the modeling
  • For commercial user terminals:
    • A dedicated focus on multi-orbit terminals’ manufacturers and multi-orbit strategies
    • A new maritime modelling considering the impact of NGSOs on this segment

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In-depth analysis of the different application chains in the ground segment market dynamics, analysis and forecasts for the next decade in PDF format, including detailed analysis of Satcom applications, EO applications and user terminals
Excel databases, covering historical data from the past 5 years, current data, and forecasts for the next 10-years of ground site antenna and user terminal inventory, such as the number of new units and revenues for the industry


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Dataset covering more than 1,000 ground sites with information on the owner, the location, the main application, and the number of antennas. 

Dataset of Earth Observation and Telecom satellites launched and contracted with information about RF communications, the operational lifetime, the payload type, the operator, and more details

Dedicated presentation session by Euroconsult expert.

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