Current market dynamics and future evolution trends for the space industry (AUS)

Date: February 3, 2022

Time: 04:00 PM AEST

Price: 500 Euros

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Duration: 4 hours

Language: English


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General outline

General outline

This session will provide our attendees with the structure and organization of space activities worldwide and the changes in progress across the entire ecosystem, both in the uses of space and in terms of market players (module 1). 

This general introductory module will be followed by two additional ones, respectively addressing the current market dynamics and foreseeable evolution trends relating to satellites services (module 2) and “New Space” (module 3). 



MODULE 1: General introduction to the global space industry and markets 

Pierre VALENTI, Senior Affiliate, Training Services Course Director, Euroconsult 

 The four dimensions of space activities
  • Satellite services on Earth
  • Space science & exploration
  • Man in space
  • Access to space
Overview of the satellite value chain
  • From satellite systems…
  • …to satellite services and end users
Key changes in the space sector
  • Disruptive trends along the value chain
  • Impact of “New Space” changes on the ecosystem
Government and private investors in space activities
  • Established and newcomer space countries
  • Established and newcomer private satellite operators
Space industry to manufacture and launch satellite systems
  • GEO satellites
  • Small satellites and cubesats
  • Constellations


MODULE 2: Focusing on satellite services market dynamics and evolution trends

Pacome REVILLON CEO, Euroconsult

Overview of the satellite communications services market
  • Value chain from bandwidth to managed services
  • Market players
  • Competition and complementarity with terrestrial networks
  • Changes in satellite communications services: price, capacity, market access
  • Regional focus on satellite communications systems and service providers
Related market dynamics and evolution trends by verticals
  • Video broadcasting
  • Backhauling & trunking
  • Consumer broadband access
  • Enterprise & government private networks
  • Mobile connectivity

Overview of the satellite Earth observation services market 

  • Value chain: from satellite systems to value-added services
  • Data producers: government and privately-owned companies
  • Value-added service providers
  • Regional focus on satellite Earth observation systems and service providers
Related market dynamics and evolution trends by verticals
  • Defence & maritime
  • Agriculture, natural resources and environment
  • Infrastructure & energy
  • Disaster management, insurance and finance


MODULE 3: Focusing on “New Space” market dynamics and evolution trends

Pierre VALENTI, Senior Affiliate, Training Services Course Director, Euroconsult 

Business logic of “New Space” markets
  • Startup fundraising
  • Value propositions
  • Time to market
  • Existing customers or Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Creative destruction
Key players of the “New Space” economy
  • Startup fundraising
  • Venture capital
  • Small satellites and small launch vehicles
  • COTS satellite electronics
  • New technologies
  • Government as a customer
Duration & Timing

Duration & Timing

4 hours 

Module 1: ~90 mn (including Q&As)
Module 2: ~90 mn (including Q&As)
Module 3: ~60 mn (including Q&As) 



February 3, 2022

4 PM -8 PM ( Sidney Time zone)  



None. This session has been designed as an overview of the space industry’s current market dynamics and future evolution trends for attendees with no related background. 



CEO, Euroconsult

Pacôme Révillon is Chief Executive Officer of Euroconsult, based in Paris, France. In his 18 years working in the sector, Pacôme has led Euroconsult’s strategy and operations and consults with high-level clients, particularly in satellite broadcasting, communications and finance. Under his management, the company has experienced a continuous expansion internationally, and has strengthened its position as an international reference on the strategic, economic and financial aspects of space activities.

His work experience includes positions with the DLR in Germany and Thales in France. He holds a graduate engineering degree in Telecommunications & Space from SUPAERO and a Master’s Degree in Economics from DESIA.


Senior Affiliate, Training Services Course Director, Euroconsult

Pierre VALENTI has spent most of his 25-year career in the space sector, leveraging a proven track record in and practical knowledge of all key functions associated with marketing and sales at large including business planning and development, business intelligence and market research.

His previous experience includes a ten-year tenure as Marketing & Sales Manager at Airbus Defense & Space, Space Systems, before joining Arianespace as a Marketing Director. In addition to this solid industrial experience, Mr. VALENTI also worked for such renowned consultancies as Accenture, Euroconsult and Satconsult More recently, he served as Deputy Managing Director, then Managing Director of the Institut Aéronautique et Spatial (IAS).