Satellite projects and programs management issues

Date: November 16, 2022

Duration: 4 hours

Language: English


  • Laurent VALIGNON
  • Jacques NERON
  • Cécile GAUBERT


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No.# Participants

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General outline

This session will first provide our attendees with a complete roadmap for the end-to-end development of a satellite system, from concept to operations (module 1). This will be complemented by a review of the key constituents needed to support the development of a satellite project business plan (module 2).

The next two modules will successively address the main principles and specifics pertaining to the management of a space program (module 3) and the fundamentals of associated risk management and insurance (module 4).


MODULE 2.1: Satellite mission technical roadmap: From concept to operations 

General satellite program conduction roadmap
  • High-level program development timeline 
  • High-level description of each related phase 
Project feasibility phase 
  • Business assessment 
  • Regulatory assessment 
  • Technical feasibility, architecture and cost estimate 
  • Business model definition 
Procurement phase 
  • Contractual breakdown 
  • Tender development 
Development, deployment and verification phase
  • Development monitoring scheme 
  • Progressive validation principles 


MODULE 2.2: Focusing on satellite project business plan definition 

General business plan development roadmap
  • High level business plan development timeline 
  • High level description of each phase 
Market assessment and top line assessment
  • Assessing demand dynamics in target markets 
  • Competitive assessment 
  • Business models definition 
  • Market prioritization and revenue forecast 
 Capital expenditure and operating costs
  • Capex components with main principles 
  • Review of the main components of the operating costs 
Financial modelling, financial structuring 
  • Revenue and cash flow modelling 
  • Profitability performance ratios 


MODULE 2.3: Focusing on satellite program management 

Introduction to a satellite program

Procurement and main contract




MODULE 2.4: Focusing on satellite program risk management and insurance 

Risks to be covered

Satellite project risk management

Space insurance market

Factors impacting the insurance cost

Operational approach

Duration & Timing

4 hours (240 mn) 

Module 2.1: ~60 mn (including Q&As)
Module 2.2: ~60 mn (including Q&As)
Module 2.3: ~60 mn (including Q&As)
Module 2.4: ~60 mn (including Q&As) 

Delivery Date

November 16, 2022 (2:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. CET)


In order to take full advantage of this session, attendees should have some basic knowledge of a space system’s architecture and operational concept, along with the management of its development follow-up.


  • Laurent VALIGNON, Satconsult (modules 2.1 and 2.2)
  • Jacques NERON, Satconsult (module 2.3)
  • Cécile GAUBERT, Cécile Gaubert Avocats (module 2.4)

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