Satellite projects and programs management issues

Price: 1000 € 

Date: November 16, 2022

Duration: 4 hours

Language: English


  • Laurent VALIGNON
  • Jacques NERON
  • Cécile GAUBERT


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General outline

General outline

This session will first provide our attendees with a complete roadmap for the end-to-end development of a satellite system, from concept to operations (module 1). This will be complemented by a review of the key constituents needed to support the development of a satellite project business plan (module 2).

The next two modules will successively address the main principles and specifics pertaining to the management of a space program (module 3) and the fundamentals of associated risk management and insurance (module 4).



MODULE 2.1: Satellite mission technical roadmap: From concept to operations 

General satellite program conduction roadmap
  • High-level program development timeline 
  • High-level description of each related phase 
Project feasibility phase 
  • Business assessment 
  • Regulatory assessment 
  • Technical feasibility, architecture and cost estimate 
  • Business model definition 
Procurement phase 
  • Contractual breakdown 
  • Tender development 
Development, deployment and verification phase
  • Development monitoring scheme 
  • Progressive validation principles 


MODULE 2.2: Focusing on satellite project business plan definition 

General business plan development roadmap
  • High level business plan development timeline 
  • High level description of each phase 
Market assessment and top line assessment
  • Assessing demand dynamics in target markets 
  • Competitive assessment 
  • Business models definition 
  • Market prioritization and revenue forecast 
 Capital expenditure and operating costs
  • Capex components with main principles 
  • Review of the main components of the operating costs 
Financial modelling, financial structuring 
  • Revenue and cash flow modelling 
  • Profitability performance ratios 


MODULE 2.3: Focusing on satellite program management 

Introduction to a satellite program

Procurement and main contract




MODULE 2.4: Focusing on satellite program risk management and insurance 

Risks to be covered

Satellite project risk management

Space insurance market

Factors impacting the insurance cost

Operational approach

Duration & Timing

Duration & Timing

4 hours (240 mn) 

Module 2.1: ~60 mn (including Q&As)
Module 2.2: ~60 mn (including Q&As)
Module 2.3: ~60 mn (including Q&As)
Module 2.4: ~60 mn (including Q&As) 

Delivery Date

Delivery Date

November 16, 2022 (2:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. CET)



In order to take full advantage of this session, attendees should have some basic knowledge of a space system’s architecture and operational concept, along with the management of its development follow-up.



  • Laurent VALIGNON, Satconsult (modules 2.1 and 2.2)
  • Jacques NERON, Satconsult (module 2.3)
  • Cécile GAUBERT, Cécile Gaubert Avocats (module 2.4)



Senior Space Systems Expert

Frank AIROLDI is a Senior Space Systems Expert with over 40 years of experience in space program management and development. He has spent all his carrier in Airbus Group, from Matra to Airbus Defence & Space through Matra Marconi Space, Astrium, and EADS Astrium.

Frank’s latest position was Senior Project Manager at Airbus Defence & Space, leading transversal projects aimed at improving the performance of satellite development programs. Previously, Frank has been leading for nearly 14 years, as President & CEO, Intespace, the largest European environmental test center for space programs. Prior to Intespace, Frank acted as VP Industrial Director for EADS Astrium’s Telecommunication Satellites Business Unit. Before that, he spent nearly 10 years of his career in managing positions in payloads and satellites Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT) activities for Matra Marconi Space, ending as Head of the overall AIT Division in France and the United Kingdom. Before that, Frank held different positions in Matra Espace in on-board avionics development. In parallel with the above industrial responsibilities, Frank delivers lessons on Supply Chain Management and Environmental Tests for Spacecraft qualification at University of Montpellier (France) for an advanced Master in Space Engineering.

Frank holds an Electrical Engineering degree from “Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité” (now Centrale-Supelec) complemented by a CPA (HEC/Lagardère Group).