Satellite projects and programs management issues

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Duration: 4 hours

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Vincent ASTIER

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General outline

General outline

This session will first provide our attendees with a complete roadmap for the end-to-end development of a satellite system, from concept to operations (module 1). This will be complemented by a review of the key constituents needed to support the development of a satellite project business plan (module 2). 

The next two modules will successively address the main principles and specifics pertaining to the management of a space program (module 3) and the fundamentals of associated risk management and insurance (module 4). 



MODULE 1: Satellite mission technical roadmap: From concept to operations 

Vincent ASTIER, Senior Consultant, Satellite & Launcher Expert, Satconsult 

General satellite program conduction roadmap
  • High-level program development timeline 
  • High-level description of each related phase 
Project feasibility phase 
  • Business assessment 
  • Regulatory assessment 
  • Technical feasibility, architecture and cost estimate 
  • Business model definition 
Procurement phase 
  • Contractual breakdown 
  • Tender development 
Development, deployment and verification phase
  • Development monitoring scheme 
  • Progressive validation principles 


MODULE 2: Focusing on satellite project business plan definition 

Nathan DE RUITER, Managing Director, Euroconsult 

General business plan development roadmap
  • High level business plan development timeline 
  • High level description of each phase 
Market assessment and top line assessment
  • Assessing demand dynamics in target markets 
  • Competitive assessment 
  • Business models definition 
  • Market prioritization and revenue forecast 
 Capital expenditure and operating costs
  • Capex components with main principles 
  • Review of the main components of the operating costs 
Financial modelling, financial structuring 
  • Revenue and cash flow modelling 
  • Profitability performance ratios 


MODULE 3: Focusing on satellite program management 

Vincent ASTIER, Senior Consultant, Satellite & Launcher Expert, Satconsult 

Introduction to a satellite program
Procurement and main contract


MODULE 4: Focusing on satellite program risk management and insurance 

Cécile GAUBERT, Attorney at Law, Contractual & Legal Expert

Risks to be covered
Satellite project risk management
Space insurance market
Factors impacting the insurance cost
Operational approach
Duration & Timing

Duration & Timing

4 hours 

Module 1: ~60 mn (including Q&As)
Module 2: ~60 mn (including Q&As)
Module 3: ~60 mn (including Q&As)
Module 4: ~60 mn (including Q&As) 



In order to take full advantage of this session, attendees should have some basic knowledge of a space system’s architecture and operational concept, along with the management of its development follow-up.


Vincent ASTIER

Senior Consultant, Satellite & Launcher Expert, Satconsult

Vincent Astier is a Senior Consultant specialized in satellite, platform and launch systems. Over his 20 years of working in the space industry and services, he has handled vehicle design, manufacturing, test & operations, and has managed projects, customers and subcontractors in the context of production and qualification programs on both the launcher and satellite sides. Prior to joining Satconsult, Vincent worked for MDA Information Systems, Airbus, Starsem and Arianespace.

Vincent holds a Master of Electrical Engineering from the French Engineering School “Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité - SUPELEC” with a major in Signal Processing, Information and Measurement Systems.


Managing Director, Euroconsult

Nathan de Ruiter is the Managing Director of Euroconsult Canada. Since joining Euroconsult in 2011, Nathan has managed and contributed to more than 90 consulting missions including Harris Corporation, Kymeta, MAXAR, Carlyle Group, KKR, Ex-Im Bank, Export Development Canada, and the Canadian Space Agency.

Nathan is a major contributor to Euroconsult’s market intelligence on satellite communications such as, Satellite Communications & Broadcasting Markets Survey and High Throughput Satellites: Vertical Market Analysis and Forecasts. Prior to Euroconsult, Nathan was Senior Manager at S.M. International Financial Advisory and seed capital firm, Neotech Capital.


Attorney at Law, Contractual & Legal Expert

Cécile is a registered lawyer at the Paris Bar in France with more than 22 years of legal practice and internationally recognised experience in the fields of space law, contract negotiations and insurance. Before opening her law firm, Cécile has been aviation and space legal and claims manager at Marsh SAS for a period of 15 years. During this time, she acquired an outstanding experience with respect to space insurance and risk management.

Cécile is the Chairwomen of the Space Committee of the SFDAS (Société Française de Droit Aérien et Spatial) and is member of different space-related institutes, including IDEST (Institut pour le Développement du Droit de l’Espace et des Télécommunications) and IISL (International Institute of Space Law). She is regularly lecturing at French Universities on space and aviation insurance. Cécile has published several articles and chapters in French and English relating to space insurance issues.

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