Space Economy Report, 8th edition

An outlook of the key trends in the global space market.



The Space Economy Report is designed as a customized executive presentation with multiple graphs and explanatory text drawn from previous reports and complemented by additional dedicated report on the commercial satellite business. It provides a snapshot of the commercial satellite value chain revenues in and a 15-year revolution including data from the past five years and projections for the next ten years. The report covers each segment of the value chain, from upstream to downstream.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Global Trends containing global snapshots and forecasts of the full satellite value chain.
  • Inclusion of both government space budgets and commercial space revenues for a top-to-bottom look at the entire Space Economy.
  • Consolidation of commercial satellite value chain revenues and 10-year evolution (past 5 years and next 5 years).
  • Key Highlights factsheets with key metrics for each satellite segment.
  • Key Events for each satellite segment.
  • The strategic outlook of five satellite segments presented in detail:
    • Satellite manufacturing & launch services
    • Ground segment
    • Satellite Communications
    • Earth Observation
    • Satellite navigation
  • Now available for the first time ever on Euroconsult’s Digital Platform, making access to information faster and more convenient.
New in Current Edition

New in Current Edition

  • New methodology and approach in the development of the report. Global government space budgets have been added to the traditional valuation of commercial space revenues in order to provide a comprehensive view of the entire space economy.
  • Updated forecasts following the worldwide impact of the COVID crisis.
  • The Space Economy Report is now available on the Euroconsult Digital Platform, granting you rapid and convenient access to the most up to date space economy facts and figures, market sizing, and trends.
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