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Euroconsult and SpaceTec Partners merged to form Novaspace.

Novaspace collects, updates and assesses yearly detailed market, industry, policy, program and financial information in the international space sector. We developed proprietary databases and forecast models that are systematically applied and are central to the publication of thematic market intelligence reports. With more than 15 reports published every year, our reports have been used as a key reference tool for three decades by most public and private stakeholders involved in the sector.

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Data Products

These databases cover information on all aspects of the satellite value chain, from government budgets, satellite manufacturing and launch, to satellite operation and services. Euroconsult maintains several tables related to telecom, earth observation (EO) and navigation markets.

An extensive database consolidating organizational and strategic information on all space actors 

Market Insights

Earth Observation Satellite Systems

An overview of the satellite and payload development of the entire ecosystem related to the Earth Observation manufacturing and launch market.


Software Defined Satellites

A comprehensive analysis of Software Defined Satcom Payloads.


NGSO Tracker

NGSO constellation tracker focus on progress in space segment, ground segment and commercial/market development and is updated quarterly.


Financing & Transactions Database

All private financing and transactions operations in the space industry, extensively detailed, updated monthly.


Recently Released Reports

Prospects for Maritime Satellite Communications, 12th edition

Sector dynamics, analysis, and forecasts for the maritime Satcom market.


Space Logistics Markets, 3rd edition

A complete analysis and forecast of space logistic value chain and market


High Throughput Satellites, 7th edition

High Throughput Satellites provides both quantitative and qualitative assessments of the growing HTS market and investment profile. 


Optical Communications Market, 2nd edition

In-depth market analysis of the equipment and solutions using optical links.


Products Coming Soon

Prospects for In-Flight Connectivity, 12th edition

Sector dynamics, analysis and forecasts addressing the IFC market for commercial airlines and business aviation for the next decade.


Earth Observation Data & Services Market, 16th edition

A 360° view of demand and supply related to Earth Observation Data & Services Market.


Satellite Connectivity and Video Market, 30th edition

The essential tool  for business planning and investment decisions in the satellite communication industry.

data behind the graphs - new product

Data Behind the Graphs

The data behind the graphs feature allows you to choose a “super user” within your organization who will have access to all the data used to build each graph of a selected report.


Satellites to be Built & Launched, 26th edition

A complete analysis and forecast of satellite manufacturing and launch services.


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